Jaden - Ninety 

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21 máj 2020





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Alisha Fay
Alisha Fay Pred 7 hodinami
uh wow- I uh- I just- that thats- holy shit what actually - me an my sleep paralysis actually crying
xxlxrdx •
xxlxrdx • Pred 8 hodinami
Refiloe Lepele
Refiloe Lepele Pred 8 hodinami
Who else here again like the fifth time this week?🙋🏽‍♀️
Phillie Serashi
Phillie Serashi Pred 8 hodinami
This dude issa true definition of a modern legendary
Mattyb Pw
Mattyb Pw Pred 9 hodinami
Love you j 😍❤️👍💗
titin master
titin master Pred 9 hodinami
I can confidently say ,he's a fuckin great artist
waplord 868
waplord 868 Pred 9 hodinami
Same feeling I'm going true right now
mercy dominickalio
mercy dominickalio Pred 10 hodinami
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Let’s pray tik tok doesn’t find a way to ruin this song
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Jaden gangsta until Jackie chan tell him to pick up the jacket
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Director: “Ok Jaden I was thinking maybe we can switch it up a li-“ Jaden: “Pink skies, jean jacket, mountains”
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Jaden brain: How deep this song will be? Jaden: Yes This vibes are insane!
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Just imagine him and frank on the same song...
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
“I’m older now, the world’s a lot colder now.” 💯
TikTokRadio Pred 8 hodinami
Literally copying comments hoping someone sees them and subs - Pathetic, delete your account.
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Jaden is so under appreciated. This is literally a movie
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Why am I feeling so nostalgic about something that hasn’t even happened yet?
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
Dude has grown as an artist, that's an undeniable fact.
5000 Subscribers before 15 July
I love how he’s not scared to show emotions. This song slaps hard.
sing tru
Thandile Njombela
Thandile Njombela Pred 12 hodinami
One of my faaaave of all time! The video was worth the wait.
Trinity Entertainment
Trinity Entertainment Pred 12 hodinami
Jaden for president
Wiwien Pambudi
Wiwien Pambudi Pred 12 hodinami
You are the karate kid
Saumya Nandu
Saumya Nandu Pred 12 hodinami
I love this song 💕💕💕💕
kim taehyung oppa
kim taehyung oppa Pred 13 hodinami
I miss the old jaden
Yanitza Martinez
Yanitza Martinez Pred 13 hodinami
crying for the tenth time to this video
Tara Duffy
Tara Duffy Pred 13 hodinami
"I spit that radiation like I'm Chernobyl." Damn I like that line
Chachi Williamson
Chachi Williamson Pred 13 hodinami
It’s our song Charles 🖕🏽
NobleThoughts Pred 14 hodinami
really good! 100
mookiedickson Pred 14 hodinami
I legit can't stop watching this beautiful piece of art
Amor Pred 15 hodinami
Damn all of the Smiths are talented
JoyBhungane ‘
JoyBhungane ‘ Pred 15 hodinami
An amazing song, but I kinda expected the video to be better
Christian Sartin
Christian Sartin Pred 15 hodinami
This feels like when i was in high school in 2001 to 2005. Love it never stop being unique!!!!!!
shashi kumar jain
shashi kumar jain Pred 15 hodinami
Wait.... this guy was so cute when he was in karate kid and now he looks like a crack head
Dope Nerd $quad
Dope Nerd $quad Pred 16 hodinami
Didn't this video come out already???
Karah Terry
Karah Terry Pred 16 hodinami
Fallen pt.2 basically
AGLITZ VIRGO19 Pred 16 hodinami
*This is not my country we all. Come from Africa*.. I love that line.. Who else heard that?
Cindy Cake
Cindy Cake Pred 16 hodinami
Turtle Power
Turtle Power Pred 16 hodinami
Was this written for Tyler? Stay humble man it’s good work.
JayLilRose Collection
JayLilRose Collection Pred 16 hodinami
Can't nobody tell you nothing about your #handsome or #talent 🔥 "Feeling fresher than new money 💵!"™🤑😉👀 you could be the Jermaine D. of music cause you have that connect. Make an appearance or two and collect the fame and acclaim.
o-o Pred 16 hodinami
so psyched we finally got a video for this incredible song
jazz moonyay
jazz moonyay Pred 16 hodinami
Beautifully done 💗
Harshal Nimje
Harshal Nimje Pred 16 hodinami
I download this vedio in my phone but i only watch in you tube 📺 so I will make it 100 million in ▶️ 2 week
Austin Q
Austin Q Pred 16 hodinami
yo I had an emotional release around <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> 😭 this song+video is *cathartic af*
Austin Q
Austin Q Pred 17 hodinami
about time this song got more love
Jhonatan Mendoza
Jhonatan Mendoza Pred 17 hodinami
Es mejor tu padre
Adonis Childs
Adonis Childs Pred 17 hodinami
on point :)
Kyoshinja Pred 17 hodinami
Oktavia Kirana
Oktavia Kirana Pred 17 hodinami
this is truly a music for the soul. I listened to this song for the first time 2 days ago, and I feel like my inner world has been crashing down ever since. This song is so raw, evoking the deepest feelings and emotions buried in your soul . This song validates the feeling of being mentally and spiritually lost. For the longest time, I have been trying to mask these feelings by distracting myself and forcing myself to 'look on the brighter side'. But I was never truly healed. 'Ninety' empowers me. It fuels me with the courage to face and embrace my sadness. Now I know that I am not alone. Thank you, Jaden. I hope you are reading this and know that you have inspired me and millions of other people.
Bogosi Sekhukhuni
Bogosi Sekhukhuni Pred 17 hodinami
awwwww one of my fave album cuts
astro tech
astro tech Pred 17 hodinami
Jaden should be part of dreamvil
Gem Talk
Gem Talk Pred 17 hodinami
I wonder who this is about.. but as always a great song by an amazing person ❤
Harshal Nimje
Harshal Nimje Pred 17 hodinami
Let's make it 100 million in 2 more week
KRISTELLE Pred 17 hodinami
I love this song so much jaden!
TikTokRadio Pred 18 hodinami
I'm sitting here tryna figure out how to do those dances he was doing. 😂
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez Pred 18 hodinami
How come no one can notice he the Kid from the movie The Karate Kid that came out 2010 btw nice music
Ysoka Souza
Ysoka Souza Pred 18 hodinami
woooooooooooooooooow, speechless. for real. so fuckin real and raw
Ameera Naziri
Ameera Naziri Pred 18 hodinami
man you just made me cry, it's perfect
Ali Taoussi
Ali Taoussi Pred 18 hodinami
WHEN I OPEN MY EEEEYES , i wish to see u 🥰❤️
Najee Scott
Najee Scott Pred 18 hodinami
NeoTokioBoi Pred 18 hodinami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="162">2:42</a> them drums snuck up on my. I accidentally got hype.
Matias Muñoz
Matias Muñoz Pred 18 hodinami
Una mierda de canción
Grevil _Gta
Grevil _Gta Pred 18 hodinami
Dam what happen to the karate kid he looks hella different now
Kaelli Gehrung
Kaelli Gehrung Pred 18 hodinami
Jaden, this song is 7 minutes and 48 seconds of probably the most significant growth I’ve ever experienced in my life. I listened to these 7 and 48 probably over a hundred times in 2019. Over and over. Each time I hear it I feel like I’ve aged even more. I’ve listened to it in both love and heartbreak, from screaming along to the lyrics, to being completely silent. I heard you, I felt you. Thank you for creating something I could feel alive to-it is an incredibly rare thing for a person who struggles with derealization. You are magic. Passion, pain, and desire.
bethan Pred 20 hodinami
i love you jaden.
bethan Pred 20 hodinami
nearly at 3 million LETS DO THIS
Mechelle Binning
Mechelle Binning Pred 20 hodinami
I grew up listening to his dad in the 90's but I genuinely like everything Jaden comes out with.
ICE7 Pred 20 hodinami
Algum Brasileiro aqui????
kawoh. Pred 21 hodinou
no way. we waited 2 YEARS from an actual clip of this purity. At last, thank you.
sabinka7778 Pred 21 hodinou
Jaden and Billie collaboration please!!!!
Grungecat Pred 21 hodinou
I used to stan jaden but his music has gotten so shallow and unoriginal. This music vid is so lame. Really takes the enjoyment out of the song. The shots with the chick are so artificial. Ruins the vid
TikTokRadio Pred 18 hodinami
Diyar Ek
Diyar Ek Pred 22 hodinami
so yeah bye
Nathan M
Nathan M Pred 22 hodinami
SYRE, one of my favourite albums ever
lj 7
lj 7 Pred 22 hodinami
Sharay Regan
Sharay Regan Pred 22 hodinami
He growing up so nicely god bless ❤️🔥❤️💯
Yaq Pred 23 hodinami
Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect Pred 23 hodinami
🔥🔥🔥🔥 Love this one too.
Misha Pred 23 hodinami
He looks like an alien trying act human. Will Smith probably smuggled one out of the Men in Black set.
JS BREEZE Pred dňom
Nicholas Beckert
Nicholas Beckert Pred dňom
L2 Clan
L2 Clan Pred dňom
He look so ugly
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