A Mega Makeup Moment: The Finale - Instant Influencer 

James Charles
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In the season finale of Instant Influencer, the remaining artists are challenged to create the next makeup trend that could take over the industry. Mario Dedivanovic, makeup legend and trendsetter, joins us to give his expert advice. Which artist will win $50,000 and become the world's first Instant Influencer?!
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15 máj 2020





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Komentáre 80   
James Charles
James Charles Pred 15 dňami
THERE ARE SPOILER ALERTS IN THE COMMENTS! Pinning this so y'all don't see while watching 👀
Diego T.
Diego T. Pred 12 dňami
thank you for reminding me, i almost started scrolling through the comments lmao
seoul tea
seoul tea Pred 14 dňami
Too late the top comment told me who didn't win 😔
LilLove-Mari Pred 14 dňami
Tamara Simjanoska he did say, *”this season”*
Kenady and Kelista
Kenady and Kelista Pred 14 dňami
• c i n n a m o n • Too late sister 😂😂
mona Mona
mona Mona Pred 14 dňami
Season 2 should be with more artists and more episodes cuz this was so much fun to watch love you James ❤️
Wavvy Pred 11 hodinami
kailin looks so familiar but i just can't put my finger on it. someone help me out
Josslyn Altamirano
Josslyn Altamirano Pred 11 hodinami
Benny literally said that he was gonna win but come on we knew Ashley was gonna win
safenightsarewicked Pred 12 hodinami
Why do comments have a thumbs down if you can’t see them what
Peak & Peak
Peak & Peak Pred 12 hodinami
hi euphoric
Andrew Low
Andrew Low Pred 13 hodinami
Benny kinda looks like the cat in the hat not the ears tho
¡rebecca¡ !anahi!
¡rebecca¡ !anahi! Pred 13 hodinami
Am i the only one that wanted Ashley to with throughout most of the challenges and competitions, yet this last episode i wanted kailin to win
Nadya Rivera
Nadya Rivera Pred 13 hodinami
Ashley is so pretty
KidsVSGaming Pred 13 hodinami
He could of said his meaning was someone hiding behind a mask, putting up. Persona/putting up a mask. Cool idea tho
Aubrey A
Aubrey A Pred 14 hodinami
Ok but Kailin is absolutely gorgeous
Leilanie Escobar
Leilanie Escobar Pred 14 hodinami
kailin did amazing I loved her look
koa porter
koa porter Pred 14 hodinami
Am I the only ne cringing at bennys poses??
Cece Rose
Cece Rose Pred 15 hodinami
I love how Katelynn hugged Ashley as soon as she heard it was Ashley, and she didn't cry or anything. I also love how Katelynn really found out who she was throughout the show and kind opened up, and I just love her outgoing personality. the thing I love about Ashley is that she was kinda saying like, "we all deserve this" and I truly agree, but I'm proud of her for winning. benny..was really nice in the beginning, and I kind of feel like during the finale, he kinda got upset or something, because he said "this would just be complete if I won" while Ashley was saying everyone deserved it. also when Mario called a mostly halloween look, I completely agree with that, but I think benny took it the wrong way and kind of got upset about it. honestly the overcome is....we NEED season 2!!!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 14 hodinami
I know people are talking a lot of shit about Benny, but i think his main problem is just that he’s young and is overcompensating.
Gāçhā Rāíñ
Gāçhā Rāíñ Pred 15 hodinami
Benny: I'll be fine with my 50,000 dollers Kaitlyn: Shots fired 25 mins later: Ashley wins
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Pred 14 hodinami
Benny- I feel bad just no..
Crazy candy apple Cathy N.S.
I like kalin's more...
Karen Liu
Karen Liu Pred 16 hodinami
So a couple weeks later, I have been scrolling down Instagram and I saw sooo many of Kailans and Ashley’s look recreated but none of Benny’s...
Zoey Gayle
Zoey Gayle Pred 16 hodinami
I swear her son looks like my friends little brother
Mila DeMaio
Mila DeMaio Pred 16 hodinami
Kaitlyn or however you spell it sHe wEnt fUlL oN tAehyung
Madi Kennedy
Madi Kennedy Pred 16 hodinami
Benny: **crying and telling a sad story** The guest judge: **blinks**
Cielo Rodriguez
Cielo Rodriguez Pred 18 hodinami
I feel that Kaitlin should be the one who have won ,ashley really was just not worth it
M Livingston
M Livingston Pred 18 hodinami
This series makes me really happy I don't live in LA
Alyssa Peralta
Alyssa Peralta Pred 19 hodinami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="743">12:23</a> takes some notes benny
Ashley Cherry
Ashley Cherry Pred 19 hodinami
Liyah Collins
Liyah Collins Pred 19 hodinami
Benny is sooooo weird!!🥴
rachel chen
rachel chen Pred 20 hodinami
when in the "up next" there was the $50,000 makeup chanllenge: NONONONONONONON I JUST GOT SPOILED
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! Pred 20 hodinami
I dont like benny
Scott Story
Scott Story Pred 20 hodinami
Why did James choose all the people who have a sad back story
LEXG00 !
LEXG00 ! Pred 20 hodinami
Alexis Molina
Alexis Molina Pred 20 hodinami
I love these can’t wait for the next season! 🦋
Tiana Hobbs
Tiana Hobbs Pred 21 hodinou
Benny- I feel bad just no..
Shannon LaVelle
Shannon LaVelle Pred 21 hodinou
I know people are talking a lot of shit about Benny, but i think his main problem is just that he’s young and is overcompensating.
sophie paule
sophie paule Pred 21 hodinou
kailins speech thing made me cryyyy
Salma Fayeza
Salma Fayeza Pred 21 hodinou
I've wanted ashley to win since episode 1. She was the best in my opinion.
Natalia Gall
Natalia Gall Pred 21 hodinou
Did anyone hear someone kick something metal and scream at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="749">12:29</a>
Anais km lasvergnas Morón
when I saw instant influencer I said to myself I'm going to try to improve my makeup but when I looked at my makeup I said I'm horrible in makeup😂😂😂😛😢 soo said!!!
Salma Fayeza
Salma Fayeza Pred 21 hodinou
Norvina scares me 😖
shehzil the crazy girl
shehzil the crazy girl Pred 22 hodinami
We all know Ashley won cause there is a video with Ashley on his channel
Crystal_Ocean Games
Crystal_Ocean Games Pred 22 hodinami
I was waitimg for him to say kaylee......:(
Zalia Mellor
Zalia Mellor Pred 22 hodinami
Good job Ashley! Your the best.
Minahil Zaeem
Minahil Zaeem Pred 22 hodinami
Not tryna be rude but Benny said “don’t hide yourself” and he said that while he had cotton and a mask on his face 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂
Mirabelle O
Mirabelle O Pred 22 hodinami
Ashley- I feel we all deserve to win. Kaylyn- this has been incredible. Benny- the only way this will feel complete is if I win Me: 😑
St0neC0ld Pred 23 hodinami
Those 23K thumbs down must have had a bad hair day. Love the show and they are all winners. And James, you look GORGEOUS!
Galaxy BlueSky
Galaxy BlueSky Pred 23 hodinami
James : this was very " Euphoria " to me Me being a BTS fan : TaKE MY HaNdS NoW YoU ArE ThE CAuSe Of My EUpHoRiA
Nadia Farino
Nadia Farino Pred 23 hodinami
Ashely totally deserves that. She was my favorite one on here. But everyone else did good too.
Lola Starks
Lola Starks Pred 23 hodinami
I don’t like how Benny uses emotions to make them feel bad for him
Bruno Army
Bruno Army Pred 23 hodinami
The fact that ashley has never played the victim card is so cool...she has won totally on the basis of talent , creativity and professionalism
Nadia Farino
Nadia Farino Pred 23 hodinami
Benny was WAYYYY too overconfident in this and he literally had the worst look. He looked like a dollar store Ariana Grande 😂
Jenny White
Jenny White Pred 23 hodinami
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="781">13:01</a> Benny is adorable lmao
Elisa Vlogs
Elisa Vlogs Pred dňom
Blend it but don’t blend in - James Charles
Elisa Vlogs
Elisa Vlogs Pred dňom
I subscribed and turned on the notifications bell. I love you James. It is my dream to meet you and to buy your makeup pallet. I’m saving my money to spend it on merch and the pallet
Terabitha Alilatul Bariza
Is it just me or from E1 I always support Ashley and kellin and hate benny until suddenly the three of them went to the finals together,, . . . You know Benny's make up is more like a Halloween costume, Kellin's and Ashley's is artistic 😝😝😝
Izzy Brunton
Izzy Brunton Pred dňom
When Kalin said about how she was going to be herself and she had seen some stuff 🥺😭
Laney Pred dňom
James is so intelligent and I love it
ledina Pred dňom
only real ones know whats on marries chain
queen _h20h
queen _h20h Pred dňom
Not fair
Cloie Moyer
Cloie Moyer Pred dňom
Kailen broke my heart
Tehla Whitmore
Tehla Whitmore Pred dňom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1137">18:57</a> this should make you laugh 😆 😂
Sofia Lafferty
Sofia Lafferty Pred dňom
I’m sorrr but kailin should’ve won
Tehla Whitmore
Tehla Whitmore Pred dňom
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="925">15:25</a> what ……don’t even know how to explain it
siti badariah
siti badariah Pred dňom
Ashly gonna win real
siti badariah
siti badariah Pred dňom
# team ashly
siti badariah
siti badariah Pred dňom
Go ashley
Victoria_Dancer3 Pred dňom
When I saw James where ing height heels I was like YAS JAMES SLAY
Day In The Life of Mazy
Omg i love your personality and makeup
Ashley Archambault
yassssssss yasssssss ashley won
Breanna’s Vlogs
I love Benny but why would he do that look for a mega makeup moment like really ?! Was that look actually worth 50,000 dollars why would he do that I’m so confused why he did that
Janissa Amaya
Janissa Amaya Pred dňom
There are spoilers in the comments
Janissa Amaya
Janissa Amaya Pred dňom
Cleo A
Cleo A Pred dňom
My favorite parts were whenever James wasn't onscreen
Raging with Leighton J
I WANTED KAILIN TO WINNNNN fuhbunhi she tried so hard and I love her but I’m glad Ashley won!
Evlin Cygan
Evlin Cygan Pred dňom
Benny: "I have learned to be Humble" Also Benny: "this will not be complete unless I win this challenge ;)"
Elegant Rose
Elegant Rose Pred dňom
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred dňom
We love u James ur so creative to even be able to think of making these series u are our cure for boredom
Georgette !?
Georgette !? Pred dňom
Its like: Benny: feel bad for me... Also benny: I think the only way this will feel right is if i win Me: U DID NOT JUST-
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Pred dňom
Comments are back!!
Elegant Rose
Elegant Rose Pred dňom
Kate Diva Heaven
Kate Diva Heaven Pred dňom
Eqwz FC
Eqwz FC Pred dňom
I trash can gaybender I’m a boy don’t call me a girl
Orvil Laag
Orvil Laag Pred dňom
I want Benny to win and the girl have words in the bottom of the eye that have crawn too
black diamond
black diamond Pred dňom
Why did Benny said If i win It will be completed Like- And he didn't win 😳
Emma’s Boxes
Emma’s Boxes Pred dňom
Ho Ri
Ho Ri Pred dňom
I'm so proud of Kailin. I love her character development 💓
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